Maine’s premier destination for discovering a path to wellness.

Wellness is the Journey

If the above is true, we are delighted to invite you to incorporate that journey into your visit. With a deeply forested interior and a vibrant and beautiful Atlantic coast shoreline, the Maine Beaches is a natural fit for visitors seeking to incorporate their personal wellness journey into their visit.

From the freshness of whole foods from local farms in the cuisine to an extensive list of hotels and resorts offering bodywork and other wellness services, to more “of the now” practices like forest bathing and goat yoga, there are many, many ways for visitors to the Maine Beaches to either continue or augment their existing wellness practice.

Visit a Day Spa

Pampering rituals are ideal for travelers looking to find an easy way to relax. And thankfully, the Maine Beaches is home to several award-winning and nationally recognized day spas. Many hotels and resorts offer amenities that range from the traditional onsite manicure/pedicure and massage services to expanded services, including sports massage, mineral wraps, facial peels, and more. 

One spa offers specialty services inspired by indigenous wellness traditions, while another provides massage techniques drawn from the botanicals and flavors of Southeast Asia.

Experience a dazzling facility with floor-to-ceiling oceanfront windows as you relish in an award-winning salt massage. Finally, we found an exceptional treetop spa in Kennebunkport where you will be whisked away to a world of quiet contemplation for inspired treatments that leave you refreshed,  restored, and recharged for another day’s adventures in the Maine Beaches.

A Gift of Serenity from the Forest

We have all gone for a walk in the woods, but forest bathing is nothing like that. Take a moment to cast aside your preconceived ideas about an ancient and profoundly beneficial activity. Yes, it is a walk, but that simple walk in the woods can become a transformative experience with a highly trained guide. For some, forest bathing serves as a springboard to reducing stress-lowering the risks associated with cardiovascular disease. In contrast, for others, it is the path to finding clarity and inner focus—all good ways to elevate your happiness on your wellness journey. Don’t knock it before you try it.

Paddle your way to better health at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm, where the tidal estuary is alive with birds, and the gentle lapping of the water on the sides of your kayak will create an immeasurable sense of calm. Or go one step further and sign up for some Vinyasa Flow at the Nubble lighthouse, or take to the waters off Cape Neddick Beach for a session of Stand Up Paddling yoga.

Speaking of yoga, we know how challenging it can be to find the right studio when you are on vacation and while there are too many even to begin listing here, let your inner guide point you in the right direction. If you are still having trouble, grab your mat and head to the beach for your morning ritual.

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