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What Maine Beaches Association Does

In the current climate of stretched resources and competing entities, the Maine Beaches Association focuses on how tourism partners throughout the Maine Beaches region, which is geographically defined by the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT), can work smarter (not harder!) through collaboration. Collectively, our projects lend far more return, reducing costs for participation (as compared to similar projects), and improving presentation of the region to potential visitors and travel professionals.

The York County Coalition of Chambers d/b/a Maine Beaches Association (MBA) is comprised of Chambers of Commerce and regional tourism industry stakeholders representing the region. Current Chambers of Commerce who make up the MBA include:

The mission of the MBA is to promote the region as an exceptional, four-season vacation experience. The MBA is the recognized regional organization by the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT) to steward grant funding through the Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program (MTMPP), which is a dedicated pool of legislated funding (drawn only from tourism tax revenues) for the purposes of marketing tourism in regions around the state. With input from the regional tourism industry, the MBA crafts and carries out marketing projects that support the mission of the organization through collaborative efforts, while leveraging existing resources.
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