The Maine Beaches ... We're Not Just a Summer Fling

There is something simply magical about winter at the Maine Beaches. Yes, there are the holidays and all of the whimsical celebrations that go along with them, but even after the trees come down and the New Year’s ball falls, this region continues to shimmer by the light of new fallen snow. For those who love taking in the wonderland outside, the winter provides an opportunity for you to explore some of the best we have to offer just a little bit away from the beaches.

For instance, Sanford, just 15 minutes inland from Wells, is home to the Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail. While this six-mile trail is open year-round, during the winter, it’s an ideal location to strap on your snowshoes or hop on your snowmobile and take in the countryside. 
Enjoy sledding or short downhill skiing? Then you’ll want to be sure to check out our own Powderhouse Hill in South Berwick. Located 9 miles north from Kittery, this local gem offers both on three trails and 175 feet of vertical elevation. There is a small lodge at the bottom with a wood stove and snacks.
Maybe your winter favorite is lacing up a pair of ice skates and gliding around a beautifully maintained outdoor ice rink. If that’s the case, you’ll want to visit Mackey Skate Park in York. Located on Bog Road, this community owned and maintained park is free and open to the public, with lights turned on from dusk to dawn. Or you might try the Waterhouse Center in the heart of downtown Kennebunk, where you’ll be steps away from shops and coffee houses to warm up after your skate.
If simply strolling hand in hand on cleared paths and stunning trails is your thing, the Maine Beaches has many to explore. Wells Reserve at Laudholm, the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge (also in Wells), and Vaughan Woods State Park in South Berwick are just a few options for your consideration.
After you’ve spent the day enjoying the brisk outdoors, you’ll no doubt want to indulge in a crock of steaming chowder, or some other wonderfully prepared, traditional Maine Beaches meal at one of our many excellent restaurants. And should you decide to spend a night (or three), you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that many of our lodging establishments are open year-round. Ending your day sharing a bottle of champagne, perhaps in a warm jacuzzi, with the cold winter surf just outside your window sounds pretty perfect, does it not?
Make no mistake about it. The Maine Beaches is an exceptional summer destination. But all that makes a visit here special extends to every season. Because the Maine Beaches isn’t just a summer fling!
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