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The Maine Beaches region has much to offer visitors and is the number one region for tourism in Maine. Based on research (both internal and external) more than 94% of visitors rank their Maine Beaches vacation as “Excellent” or “Very Good” and more than 96% indicate they will “Definitely” or “Very Likely” return. The basis for these rankings include:
Since January 2022, the MBA is promoting:

Relax. Explore. Repeat.

The slogan was selected after much consideration for its clear, crisp, and simple promotion that summarizes a visit to the Maine Beaches region and that is appealing to all market segments. The tagline also helps us carry out key messaging components including:

Given the continued changes in the travel market and travel planning (closer trips and shorter planning periods), the MBA focuses on a drive market within 10-hours of the region, as well as specific marketing and messaging that targets the Greater Boston travel market.


What is Destination Development?

Destination Development is a long-term community planning process undertaken by a group of dedicated leaders & doers – municipal, business, non-profit and residents – to pursue and implement a common vision and strategic plan to increase, decrease, or otherwise manage tourism.

The goal of Destination Development is to create a sustainable community that is economically, environmentally, culturally and socially pleasing to residents and existing businesses, and that attracts new visitors, residents and businesses.

What is a Destination?

A Destination is a “place worthy of travel for an extended visit that has a critical mass of attractions, lodging, dining and services for visitors to stay comfortably enjoying an array of choices to satisfy them for an extended period of time".

Attractions are the magnet that pull people to visit any destination. Destination systems are composed of: transportation, attractions, meals and lodging, retail opportunities, information, promotion, services, and amenities.

Learn More about Destination Development by the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT). MOT promotes Maine as a tourism destination and works to support and expand the state’s tourism industry through marketing and PR campaigns, industry outreach, destination development, regional and organizational grants, and other programs that highlight the core natural and cultural assets of Maine.

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